A curriculum focused on Recovery and Growth 

Our primary focus with young people is recovery. We aim to build connection within the community that will enable growth and the building of resilience. We use various tools to help with this.

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Reading is an integral part of our school. We work with two partners to ensure that reading recovery and progress is maximised. Read Write Inc support reading recovery and the Fresh Start programme provides the building blocks for reading. Accelerated Reader then supports reading development throughout the rest of the school. 

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Once young people have progressed through recovery, we support them to grow and learn about themselves and the world around them using an enquiry based curriculum. Working with the team at Lighting up Learning, we have developed the Creative City Wildings curriculum, they will experience an array of states of being that will help them grow and understand themselves.  

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When our young people have moved through the stages of growth, we expect them to have the skills and be internally motivated to progress on to traditional qualifications such as Functional Skills, Btec's, Vocational Qualifications and GCSE's